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We are a wholesale fencing supplier with 38 years’ experience in the industry, offering the full range of fencing materials at discounted prices. No order is too big or too small for us to execute, we also offer an excellent delivery service. Credit card facilities are available for your convenience. Our experienced sales staff offer professional friendly service.

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Our Products


Thin black bitumen coated fencing support and spacer.

Barbed Wire

Smooth twisted wire with small sharp edged barbs arranged at intervals along the wire strand forming a security barrier. Mainly used for farming and agricultural purposes, but can also be used ontop of gates and fences

Black Bailing Wire

Black carbon wire used for general bailing, weaving and tying purposes.

Diamond Mesh

Diamond shaped wire mesh which is an economical hard wearing solution for general fencing.

Fencing Posts

Round metal fencing post used as a support when erecting any kind of fence.

Fencing Stays

Round metal strut with flattened end used against the fencing post for support.

Field Fence

Block type agricultural graded mesh with a small aperture at the bottom increasing to larger at the top, and used mainly for farming.


Steel square or rectangular frame usually covered in diamond mesh.

High Strain Wire

High tensile straining wire used mainly for electric fencing, and can also be used on farms and vineyards.

Household Wire

Small rolls of galvanised wire used for various home and garden applications.

Standards 'Y' & 'K'

Black bitumen coated fencing supports spaced between posts.

Netting Wire

Thin hexagonal wire mesh used for aviaries, farming, building, garden and domestic uses.

Razor Wire Coil

Razor sharp coil used as an effective security fencing barrier.

Razor Wire Flat Wrap

Razor sharp flat panel formation sheets used as an effective security fencing barrier.

Razor Wire Mesh

Razor sharp diamond mesh erected as a complete security fence.

Straining & Binding Wire

Galvanised wire used for all straining and binding purposes.

Washline Poles

Metal “T” Posts used for clothes lines.

Welded Mesh

Mesh that is welded in a grid formation used in various fencing installations and many building applications.

Clear View

Security fencing

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